Impetuous View: Remix​/​Orchestral Suite Part I

by Ponytronic

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Listen to the original Impetuous View album here:

After the success of my first album ever Impetuous View, it seemed only fitting that I revisited this album with updated production and a new spin into the story years later. I also brought along some friends to help me on the way into the telling of this album again and each one brought their own perspective and new take on the old tracks.

Since the album itself is 37 tracks and atm I couldn't really finish some of the tracks due to technical issues and losing my computer in which I did most of my music, I had to release this album into two parts. This first part is where most of the remixes come from and boy did these remixes deliver. Each remix has a special place in my heart and personally can't be more happier to have this cool lineup of friends and musicians helping me with this album. To those who remixed a track of mine for this album, seriously thank you <3

The next part of this album will be released later this year with the parts I've included in this remix and orchestral suite album and some other stuff c; also two mixes of these two parts of the album.

Thank you and please support these artists who made these remixes possible.

The Story:
I'm not afraid to fall in love. I'm afraid to fall in love only to be hated upon the very person I'd give my life to. I don't want to feel more lonely than I do already and I'm afraid that I will become emptier than I was before again till I'm turned into nothing. The very once love was my sword and shield for positivity, now my ultimate poison. This once passionate person that I was before is slowly dying out.......

The Continuation (Part I) :
Before dying out and letting my inner demons,anxiety and hatred consume me into a shell of my former self.......someone reached for me and as time passed on more decided to reach out and help me struggle out of these feelings. I've managed to slowly build myself back up but the fight isn't over. For now it seems like i'm not the only one with this issues and more seem to come over the horizon. It's easy to give up but hard to move on and eventually being on top of your personal issues, but I have to try I need to be an example for others and friends are encouraging me on the steps towards that way. Love itself it's a long way from here but hopefully it that time comes I have at least friends by my side or more importantly myself in tact until that time comes.......


released January 27, 2017

You - For listening and enjoying <3
Ponytronic - Composition, Original Work
Respective Remix Artists - Remixers, Production, Mixing and Mastering



all rights reserved


Ponytronic New York, New York

Another guy who makes music about miniature equine colored horses.

Multi-genre aspired musician doing this whole music biz on the side and gaining experience for a head start in his plausible music career.

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