Luna's Essence || Trilogy EP

by Ponytronic

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"From counting down till the nightfall, to the talks of ideals, and now the input of our values. Dreams and our very core of our abilities and personal inputs with experiences can shape those around us into a better state of living life without any past thoughts and negative experiences backing us down."

The first of six Trilogy EP, Princess Luna starts us off with what to expect out of this series.

The Trilogy EP series of albums are meant to showcase to the best of my abilities my thoughts and ideas of each individual represented character.

Overall for the first of the six albums, to me Princess Luna is a character meant to represent the ideal character of hidden innocence and general love and support from someone strong and brave yet mystic and unknown. It doesn't go with saying though she does have flaws and like anyone else in life she tries her best to cope with them and eventually overcome then and learns so that doesn't becoming a issue anymore in the future.

In the past overshadowed by her sister. jealousy got the best of her leading her to be irrational and make questionable choices but in the end she regretted her past convictions. She loves her subjects and her sister, in return they make sure to let her know that she is needed and as much as the night may seem to be ignored, everyone still admires the peaceful and tranquil nature it's brings for those who dream away and sleep soundly in the night. While those who can't simply sleep away, appreciate the beauty hidden away in the day that she brings every night.

The next Trilogy EP will have the center of the sun in the stage, so stay tuned on what I come up with music wise for Princess Celestia.


released April 13, 2017

You - For listening and enjoying <3
Ponytronic - Writer,Production,Mixing and Mastering, Composition
Viwrastupr - 'Luna's Essence || Trilogy EP' Album Artwork
Lauren Magpie - 'Countdown Till Nightfall' Single Artwork
Nekiw - 'Values' Single Artwork



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Ponytronic New York, New York

Another guy who makes music about miniature equine colored horses.

Multi-genre aspired musician doing this whole music biz on the side and gaining experience for a head start in his plausible music career.

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